Sunday, 30 October 2011

String, string!

I found a cute wooden string holder on pinterest, it looked as if it was made from an old wooden coat hanger, so I thought I'd try to make an easier version! I found an old metal coat hanger, squashed it, then bent the side and presto! It's handy hanging on the wall because I'm always using it for wrapping and crafts!

My husband came home from work and thought he could "improve it", so after bending mine out he decided my way was actually alright. So I'm lucky I got some photo's before he got his hands on it!!


  1. what a great idea. i'm always using hemp + twine to wrap as well, and this would make it easily accessible and look good, too!


  2. Love beats getting all the twine tangled as mine does sitting in a basket :)

  3. that is SO pretty and useful! love it!