Thursday, 6 October 2011

DIY Summer baby dress

This is such a great pattern and I love sewing for my girls! We are going to a wedding tomorrow, so I have made the girls matching dresses (in different fabric's), this is for the youngest. It's so much fun sewing for girls, so many pretty things to make! Well here is the first one... (I have added a photo and measurements of the pattern at the bottom of the blog)

The fabric was from a garage sale last week, I got two supermarket bags of material for $4 each! So this dress would have cost under $1 (NZ) to make! I added some little pockets to the pattern to make it extra special!

The pockets in progress, I added a little pieces of lace

Finished pockets, turned then over and pressed (I use my iron every step of the way!)

Over locked all edges apart from sides, then sewed up sides, then over locked. Pressed the underarm, neck and bottom hems. After stitching the hems I threaded some lace through the front and back to create the straps

Finished product, I'm very happy with it and it looks so cute on!

(1) length at the top - 9cm
(2) side length  - 29cm
(3) bottom - 21.5cm
(4) length - 40cm
This size is for a one year old, you place the long side (2) on the fold of the material and cut two.
1m of lace is needed for the straps 
Happy sewing!

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  1. Well done! I have a pillowcase I stole from my Mum's cupboard I want to attempt this with for one of my girls. Sara