Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Bargains of the week!

Well not so much my bargains, my lovely mum found them at a op-shop for me. Check out the gorgeous candle stick holder! She came over yesterday with a bag of goodies, I couldn't believe my eyes when she pulled out the holder, it is my favourite vintage treasure in ages! The cake tin is a cutie, now I have to bake some biscuits to fill it!

 I love baking and I would much rather store in a tin, I can't believe how much plastic is around these days, it's all you can buy!

 I couldn't resist throwing this photo in, Isla was taking photo's yesterday, she got this one of Olive toes, very cute!


  1. I completely agree about storing baked goods (or anything for that matter!) in vintage tins. It's so much prettier than tupperware and I keep hearing such bad news about storing/heating/freezing food in plastic.

    Great find for $2!

  2. I have 2 of those candle stick holders I was told that they are made to be pulled apart to make seperate one I was able to get one together but the other I cant so dont do it lol