Friday, 14 October 2011

My favourite DIY Baby Dress

I saw a similar dress in a shop for about $50 (New Zealand) and thought to myself ... I could make that! So I went home and I did! I made for my eldest daughter about 2 years ago, now my one year old can fit it, oh how the time flies! 

 So for the top section I used a stretch cotton, I traced around a singlet to get the shape, then I hemmed the neck and arm holes.
I cut out nine strips of vintage material (10cm wide / 20cm long), sewed them all together then attached to the top half, then hemmed.

 I love using vintage material, it's great to make one of a kinds! Even though I kind of copied the pattern idea!

Playing peek-a-poo in the sheets

 My flowers are getting plucked as fast as they come up!
This is one of my favourite things I have ever made, I'm lucky I had a second girl to wear it!


  1. How adorable! So pretty for a little one.

  2. I love how you used vintage fabrics. There such cute prints. I know what you mean about having a second girl...I feel the same about my little Evie!

  3. After seeing this... I though that you could even use some old vintage ties with a darker shirt for a fall season dress. :D love it all!