Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Storage, storage

My house lacks storage so I have had to come up with ways to hide things away! These are just a few things I have do to de-clutter my house and just make life a bit easier...

 Tye a piece of lace around books, that way when the kids pull everything of the shelves it's less tiding up!

 Store small pieces of fabric in old draws under a chair

Same idea, store toys in draws under the couch, it's amazing the tiny spaces that can be used!

And again, using a draw under the couch to store blankets, then it's handy to reach when you need warming up!

Instead of just placing toys on a shelf, use a basket then you can fit more 

Use the space under the cot, again put toys in baskets

 I found this gorgeous vintage suitcase at a garage sale for $2 (NZ), great for wooden blocks, the kids love opening and closing it and because it's so light weight there is no worries of jamming fingers

I keep these two cardboard boxes in the top of my wardrobe full of presents for up coming birthdays

And I know that this isn't really 'saving space' but I just love my vintage jewellery!

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  1. That vintage jewelry is beautiful! Your blog is full lovely!