Sunday, 30 October 2011

String, string!

I found a cute wooden string holder on pinterest, it looked as if it was made from an old wooden coat hanger, so I thought I'd try to make an easier version! I found an old metal coat hanger, squashed it, then bent the side and presto! It's handy hanging on the wall because I'm always using it for wrapping and crafts!

My husband came home from work and thought he could "improve it", so after bending mine out he decided my way was actually alright. So I'm lucky I got some photo's before he got his hands on it!!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Sew a card!

I found this idea on pinterest using little hearts but as this is for a little boy I thought I would go for circles instead! Use some cute paper, cut out six circles of each pattern, glue down the bottom layer then sew the top layer, easy! I love making cards and I think it's lovely to receive them to, we live in such a 'easy to buy world' were we can purchase anything, so why not make a card?

Friday, 28 October 2011

DIY making overalls into a dress

These were little overalls were very cute but to small for Olive (plus they were boys!) So I cut off the bottom, hemmed it and added a piece of vintage lace (of course). I didn't even have to use the over locker! This was literally a five minute dress and how cute does it look! I'll have to keep an eye out for more overalls in the op-shops!


Thursday, 27 October 2011

I'm slowly adding to my wardrobe!

I hardly make things for myself, I do more sewing for the girls and for presents. So this is for me, a nice light weight top I made for summer. The middle is a light cotton, the sleeves and panel at the bottom a silk/chiffon. It looks great with my little chiffon dress under it (I love the piece of vintage lace showing!)

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Bargains of the week!

Well not so much my bargains, my lovely mum found them at a op-shop for me. Check out the gorgeous candle stick holder! She came over yesterday with a bag of goodies, I couldn't believe my eyes when she pulled out the holder, it is my favourite vintage treasure in ages! The cake tin is a cutie, now I have to bake some biscuits to fill it!

 I love baking and I would much rather store in a tin, I can't believe how much plastic is around these days, it's all you can buy!

 I couldn't resist throwing this photo in, Isla was taking photo's yesterday, she got this one of Olive toes, very cute!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A beautiful day for a picnic

I love summer! Well, I know it's not technically summer but it sure feels like it! Since I was sick for over a week and we missed our last two coffee groups, I decided (at the very last minute) to invite the girls and babies around for afternoon tea. We had a lovely afternoon out in the back yard, I didn't realise how much I missed my friends (others mums) until I hadn't seen them for a while! There's nothing like a good catch up!

Monday, 24 October 2011

My little country garden

I have always dreamed of having a huge country style garden, we brought our house a year ago and have slowly heading in that direction. I now have a few small gardens, eventually I plan to have the whole front yard overflowing with flowers!  My husband has  done a gorgeous brink edging around my back garden, it's lovely, it looks like it has been there for years (which is just the look I wanted!) So here it is so far, the progress of making it, then some shots of the finished edging and some new plants, I can't wait until everything starts to flower!


Sunday, 23 October 2011

A clothes-line of vintage illustrations

I decided I should display the pictures from my last blog on Isla's wall, I feel a little mean not letting them play with the vintage book, so here's a way they can still see the illustration! I just printed the images onto normal paper, glued them onto cardboard, then I laminated them (I'm not a big fan on laminating but this way  they can get the pictures down without damaging them! I made a little line of string, then pegged the pictures on (pegs from the $2 shop), so the whole thing cost about $5 to make!

Beautiful vintage childrens book

I love this little book, it is very old and one of my favourites. It is one of my bargains, even though it was cheap (about 20 cents) I have it high up on a shelf in Isla's room because I don't want it being damaged. I'm always picking up really cheap books for the girls, I don't see the point of spending $20 on a new book when they are going to be chewed on, split on and eventually ruined! I don't mind so much if they only cost 50 cents, even though I always tell the girls they have to be nice to there books (as if a one year old understands, everything is in the mouth!) But I have to admit Olive has started flicking through books by herself, I think she knows more than I think! Here are the pages from 'Animal Lesson Time'...

Saturday, 22 October 2011

DIY Garland/bunting made from Vintage doily's

DIY Garland/bunting made from Vintage doily's, this is just as simple as it sounds. If you had read my blog, then you know I like  quick and easy with crafts and baking because I don't have much spare time! Oh how things change when you have kids! I remember the days when I would spend the whole day sewing and forget to eat lunch! Well here's what I did, I just tied a few vintage doily's and cute old handkerchiefs to a piece of lace, then pined it above my bed...

Friday, 21 October 2011

A quiet, lazy weekend with my little ballerina's!

We haven't done much of anything this weekend, I have been sick this week (again), so we have all been taking it easy. I'm really lucky  my husband had the week from work to take care of me,(not the most exciting way to spend his holiday!) He did get lots done outside for me, planted my magnolia tree, planted more veggies, some courgette plants (from my lovely friend Emma) just about finished making a wooden play kitchen for the girls for Christmas, and started a gorgeous brick surround around my back garden, looks great! This morning I treated him and the girls to french toast with bacon and banana (for putting up with me for the week!) These are a few picture of my little ones dancing round the house this morning, I think the maple syrup hyped them up!...