Friday, 14 October 2011

Baby Tights Tutorial

This is the easiest way I have found to make tights/pants for my girls, it's simple and no need to spend $15 on a pattern! Here's how I do it... Use a stretch cotton, you about half a metre for a one year old

 Fold a pair of tights or pants in half and cut around them allowing 2cm along the sides and bottom, allow about 4cm at the top (cut four pieces.) Place in pairs with right sided together, pin the leg length and the bottom on the leg (don't sew the crutch.)

Now pin the crutch (right sides together), and sew. Now just hem the bottom and the top, leave a small opening to thread some elastic for the waist and your done. It's that easy!!

Finished tights, very cute! I brought new material which was on special for about $4 a meter, so they cost about $2 to make (compared to $10-$20 in shops, it pays off to make your own!) Then it doesn't matter as much if they get stains or rips, because we know what kids are like!

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