Tuesday, 18 October 2011

kids Treasures

A few things I love from my girls rooms, all vintage/second hand pieces. About 80% of my house is made up of vintage or second hand bargains, the only new things I have brought are the fridge, freezer, washing machine, a few kitchen pieces, beds, some clothing (but I try to buy vintage clothing or sew) and a few toys! I Just don't trust secondhand white wear because you don't know when it will break down and I don't like the thought of sleeping on someone else's mattress!

Teddy from an op-shop $3

Large ballerina picture $5 from the Salvation Army

Vintage chair from my husbands nana's house and the teddy a gift from my aunty

 Vintage children's book from a garage sale

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  1. Oh what gorgeous pieces. I have a huge love of vintage/thrifted things...when we moved from NZ to Australia it allowed me to indulge in my love of op shopping to kit our house out. Like you, aside from beds and whiteware most everything else is second hand :)