Tuesday, 29 November 2011


I'm well and truly in the Christmas mood! I have been making decorations out of paper doily's this morning and making our house look Christmasy. I know it's a day early but I can't help myself! Our house was already feeling a lot like x-mas because my husband and Isla put our tree up weeks ago! The first photo is from last year with our lovely real tree..

This years tree, very seventies, one of my op-shop finds!


  1. We are slowly getting into the Christmas spirit too much to the kids delight. I adore handmade decorations and we have plans to add to what we have already made in past years.

  2. Layz's Mum has the same tree! lol

  3. In Holland we have Sinterklaas tradition. But I cant wait till 5 december cause that's the day he is leaving. After that everybody is coming into the christmas. Till that day we have to wait. But in the mean time I show pictures from last christmas on my blog and look to other blogs to enjoy the christmas feeling.