Sunday, 22 July 2012

merino/lace baby blanket

One of my best friends just had her third baby! This is a gift for her gorgeous little girl. I used two layers of merino and in one corner added a piece of beautiful soft lace. I love merino, it's such a lovely soft, light weight fabric and at the same time so warm, perfect for little ones! Hope you like it baby Ivy xxx

Also photo's of one of my favorite flowers, Hellebores (also known as roses of winter) which I picked yesterday. It hard to find any flowers this time of the year so they are such a treat and so beautiful!


  1. That is a beautiful gift. I love the softness of the merino and that lace. What a lucky baby Ivy will be so warm snuggled under that blanket. My Nan's name is Ivy too, it's lovely to see it being used again these days.

  2. oh, the blanket is devine. what a beautiful gift. :) sarah

  3. I love the blanket! The lace is beautiful!

  4. sweet blanket!

    I love Hellebores too...they are probably the only thing I collect!