Tuesday, 10 July 2012

baking with mummy

I have great memory's of helping my mum in the kitchen, she was definitely my biggest influence with baking and cooking. We go over for dinner most Sunday's which is really nice, cooking together and spending time with the girls.

So the girls and I made orange muffins with a sugar glaze, I love to use friand tins, they are a great shape and the tins are heavy duty. I haven't made proper friands in so long, I never have ground almonds, I think it's about time I buy some, I might try whole almonds and grinding them myself.

I love having my little helpers in the kitchen, even though things take a lot longer to make and often leads to ingredients everywhere, I know they have fun and it's nice to make some special memory's for them (even if there favourite part is licking the bowl!)

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