Wednesday, 18 July 2012

chairs, chairs, chairs

I have to admit I am a little, well more than a little crazy over chairs. I have at least ten chairs (just in the house) a couple in the garage and a few out on loan to friends. So what do I do today, buy two more! I just can't resist when I see a bargain (even though I'm meant to be saving for my holiday) but come on... $15 a chair, who could say no to that!

They do need some work, I'm planning to sand them down then either stain a light wood colour or paint white. I wanted to put one in the lounge today, so to make it more presentable I've used two euro size cushion covers (just until I find some gorgeous fabric to cover them with.) So keep an eye out for the final result!


  1. WOW!! That is amazing Leigh. I am so inspired! Ooh, where are you going on holiday?

  2. This came out beautiful! Great job!