Friday, 21 September 2012

the early bird catches the worm

Olive has been waking at around 5:30am for the last couple of weeks, not surprising considering how light it is that time of the morning. I can't wait for day light savings to kick in! This morning we made the most of our early start and went to the flea market, Neal and Isla were still fast asleep, lucky!

These are my bargain's.... x7 avocado's $4.50, x3 broccoli $4.50, cauliflower $1, apples $2, x2 bags of mandarins $4, tulips $4, x2 leeks $2, walnuts $3, plant $2, x8 items of clothing for Isla $8...... 

grand total = $35.oo 

I love the flea market!!!

1 comment:

  1. I love the tulips! I really should be going to the markets - we are certainly up early enough to go - not as early as 5.30am though. Hopefully it will be shortlived. I know the boys went through stages of 5.30am wake ups!