Sunday, 30 September 2012

simple summer t's

It's just about summer so I sorted out the girls clothing this weekend, moved all the warmer clothes to the bottom draws and found all there summer t's, shorts and dresses.  I realised Olives has a whole draw full of t-shirts and Isla only has three! I guess that's a pro of being the younger sister, Olive gets all Isla's cute hand me downs! So I went op-shopping and got a few cute tops, then I came home and made these two. I love the floral on the sleeves, much more pretty than plain grey. For the pink top I used the material from  a nature baby wrap, I brought for $2 from a garage sale. Now to make a few more and she should be sorted for Summer!


  1. These are beautiful! I love the floral material you used for the grey top. xo

  2. I really love these little tshirts you've made I've always been a little scared to sew with stretch fabrics. The grey shirt with the flower fabric sleeves is really sweet, you could easily sell these too you've done a great job:)