Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Vintage jars

I found these great jars at the Salvation Army yesterday, perfect for tea, coffee and sugar! $3 each, I love the lids, random colours but they work in my house!

So I said I'd talk more about photography, well my understanding of it. I'm getting more confident setting the aperture, ISO and shutter speed to get a good exposure. So in these photo's I've used ISO 1600 (because I'm inside and it's a dark day,) shutter speed 1/50, and aperture f/4.5 (because I wanted my main focus to be the jars and the background to be out of focus.) In the second photo I've used the same settings but notice only the first jar is in focus and the rest are blurred (if I'd wanted all the jars to be focus I would have tried an aperture of say f/8.)

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