Sunday, 19 August 2012

the best little kids shop in Sydney

I've just been to Sydney, it was my first time there and first time leaving the girls for more than one night! I had such a wonderful time, beautiful scenery, fantastic food and the shopping was amazing! Six nights was just enough, I had a great time but I did miss Neal and the girls lots!

I was really looking forward to my vintage fix and had been told Newtown was the place to go, unfortunately we went on the wrong day (the vintage shops close on Mondays and Tuesdays!) Still, it's such a cool area, a bit eccentric, really laid back and lots of gorgeous old buildings.  The best part of Newtown was finding Shorties, I love this shop, it would have to be my favourite kids shop in Sydney! It has a such a beautiful range of clothing, shoes and gifts. It has cute vintage prints on the walls, some beautiful vintage inspired girls dresses and it was great to see some 'Nature baby' clothing from home (New Zealand.) 

I brought these cute little 'Munster' shorts for Isla and two pairs of matching leather sandals 'The Polygon Look' for the girls and some gorgeous counting cards to hang in their room. So if you ever in Newtown make sure you visit Shorties!

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  1. I love shorties too! They're not too far from where I live.