Thursday, 29 September 2011

Let my garden grow!

Yay, it's spring! Loving the extra hour of light, spending more time outside with the family and getting into the garden! I'm in the mood to get my garden looking pretty, I am starting with just a few things, some strawberries, coriander, lettuce, parsley, some gorgeous sweet pea's and a New Zealand native flower creeper. I going to make a raised veggie garden but until then here's what I've done...

Plants fresh from the shop

The creeper & sweet peas (I can't wait for the flowers, sweet peas have to be one of my favourites!)

Strawberries, herbs and lettuce, yum! I made a chicken netting cover to keep the birds & the toddlers out!

And just the few flowers that are out so far, can't wait for my gorgeous white roses to bloom!

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