Friday, 23 September 2011

The Bunnies Tea Party

This is a gorgeous vintage children's book, I have photo copied some of the pages and put them into vintage frames that I got from second hand shops, the book .20 cents from a garage sale and the frames $1 each, so all up $3.20 (New Zealand), very cheap project! And they look so cute!

I love doing things like this, I don't see the point of spending lots of money on things when I can make them myself and it's great to know that I have one offs!


  1. I LOVE IT! (the blog) clever! clever! did you simply colour photocopy these? i have a vintage children's colour bible i got at the sallies for 50c and was going to just pull out the pages to frame for that price, but suppose i could copy them and save the book, which is in perfect condition otherwise.

  2. Hey Amy! Thanks :) Yeah I just colour photocopied them, easy! And like you said it's a great way to save the book.