Wednesday, 12 June 2013

I found a bowl of fruit

I've been on the "look out" for some wooden fruit and vegetables for the girls play kitchen, I found these cute little  pieces at the play centre shop yesterday, only $2.5o each! The gorgeous wee colander was $8.oo. I've told the girls (if they're good for mummy) we can go back and pick out one each a week to build up their collection.

My waiting payed off, it might have been easier to purchase from a chain toy shop or on-line but sometimes it's pays to be patient, this way I got a good deal and I'm supporting a local shop with money going back into the community.

Whats on your list of "look outs"?


  1. I've never been into the Playcentre shop but it is on my list of "must pop in"s. After seeing your gorgeous wooden fruit collection I will make sure I visit ASAP! xo

  2. So going there when I am back next :)