Monday, 4 June 2012


I know I haven't been blogging much lately! I've been extremely busy taking photo's and doing photo editing, I'm loving it! We've also had family visiting from the South Island and Australia. Then to add to the mix we've all had a terrible bug the last couple of weeks, so lots of sleepless nights!

I'm planning to do some sewing for the girls, so fingers crossed I'll find some spare time (most probably when there asleep!) And I'm praying my over locker still works, Olive's new favourite thing to do is sneak into my sewing cupboard and play with every dial, switch and knob she can find!

So just a quick post of some flowers I have around my house, it's so hard to find anything worth putting in a vase this time of year, all the gardens are looking very lifeless and bleak, but I always make sure I have some colour scattered around the house (preferably roses and preferably a shade of pink!)

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