Monday, 14 May 2012

vintage bedside table

This is my find of the day! Another score from my favourite op-shop, the salvation army! I'm not sure of the wood type, maybe oak or rimu (it's very solid and very lovely!) We already have enough bedside tables but I couldn't resist, so this has found a home in the hall right by my door entrance (so I can see it every time I walk in the door!)

I'm such a sucker for vintage funiture but I've literally run out of floor space, so I either need a bigger house orz need to have another clean out! But how could I sell any of treasures?


  1. EEEEeeek this rocks! LOVE LOVELOVE

  2. Love it Leigh!!!! I want one!

  3. So cute, what a great find! Yep, need a bigger house Leigh, then you can fill it with lovely things xx