Friday, 16 March 2012

my latest find

As my good friend Elaina informed me, it has been over a week since 
my last blog, lol, so here you go hon... 

I love, love, love old suitcases, the only draw back is they're normally in terrible condition! Well look no further, I have found one! Beautiful condition and only $10 from the saly's (I just saw a vintage one in the latest your home & garden magazine for about $200!)

So this is the girls new dress up box, full up with all the goodies!


  1. I knew I had bookmarked your blog for a reason! Now following! I must have bookmarked it in a hurry one day. Love love your blog! Been scrolling through and there are so many lovely things (loving the hot air balloons for my boy) and I love this suitcase! I'm yet to find some for myself at such a reasonable price although my fellow blogger E from South Australia was always digging up such treasures! Actually I'm pretty sure she blogged about a similar ceramic white swan....
    Loving the postcards. I don't think they are too floral as they have a gorgeous white background! Wow I love your blog! I'm sorry for writing about all your posts in this one comment, I really must get to bed but couldn't resist telling you all the above!
    If you haven't checked out the blog I share with my friend in adelaide (i'm in sydney) I really think you will like it because it's got a lot of vintage, and well while E doesn't have a bub, I do! so It's mixed up like that. Anyways I'm gushing now~ love your blog!

  2. Thank you Leigh! Elaina xo

  3. Lovely find. I love old suitcases too. I've passed on a sunshine award to your blog ... love to read your posts. Love Mrs B x

  4. Nice find! I love old suitcases for storage... beats a plastic box any day :)