Sunday, 22 January 2012

felt creations

These gorgeous little felt creations are handmade in Zealand, the maker is 'Soft Earth Art', you can buy her beautiful pieces on felt and you can also find her on facebook

My hobby last winter was learning to knit, this year I would love to learn needle felting!

My friend Emma gave Isla the felt acorns, doll and angel for her birthday, they are so beautiful but I was worried they might get lost or damaged by little fingers! I've put the acorns and doll onto a mobile and it's hanging high in Isla's room along with the magical angel...


  1. Oh they look great as a mobile Leigh!! I imagined the angel hanging in her room somewhere so that is just magical. They are made by Marie at Soft Earth - so beautiful. I can't wait to visit her felt shop for Ruby's birthday xo Emma

    1. Thanks emma, I have updated my post to include all her details. Talk soon xx